About this site

Purpose of the Brownfield Sites Tool

The Gateshead Brownfield Sites Tool is a spatial decision tool to be used to assist with the selection and decision-making process for developing brownfield land.

The purpose of this tool is to provide an early-stage understanding of brownfield sites within Gateshead. This map-based tool provides information for potential housing developers and other interested parties to assess site opportunities and identify site risks. It seeks to do this by bringing together the initial, high-level advice, data and resources needed to make informed decisions about development opportunities in Gateshead.

The brownfield sites in this tool are the same as those included in the Brownfield Register. They are suitable for housing development of at least five units, which we think can be developed in the next fifteen years or so. These sites were last updated April 2021.

How to use the tool and map

The user can view and select development sites for housing that are available in Gateshead by using either the map or the table below it.

On selecting the development site, the user is then shown more details about the site such as the site boundary, the number of homes that a site may support, the planning status of the site and the size of the site.

Below this, potential risks on the site are listed with colour-coded indicators. More detail on each potential risk is available by clicking the icon next to each potential risk.

Further Information

For further information either use our feedback form or contact Rebecca Dorward.
Also, check our Brownfield Register page on the website.


This website is intended to give an initial summary of potential risks on a site and cannot guarantee that the information is accurate, complete or up-to-date.

The information on the site is not a replacement for standard good practice risk-based assessment and investigation of sites or consultation with professional advisers, and does not provide the detailed information which would be required to accompany a planning application.

All liability or responsibility of the Council for any loss, damage or inconvenience caused as a result of reliance on the information on the site is expressly excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.