MetroGreen - Riverside East Central, Handy Drive, Dunston, Gateshead

Green belt
Flood zone 2
Flood zone 3
Conservation areas
Listed buildings
Air quality zones
Wildlife corridors
Newburn Ford Battlefield




58 - 121

housing capacity

Non-housing development

MetroGreen Area of Change will include complementary mixed-use development, including potentially office space, and community facilities, but pending the forthcoming Area Action Plan it is not yet possible to relate this to particular sites within MetroGreen

Allocated site

Within Area of Change allocated by Core Strategy and Urban Core Plan

Site constraints

This is not a green belt area

This area has no associated coal mining development risk

This area is flood zone 3

Flood Risk Areas / Flood Zones

Flood Risk Areas refer to the probability of flooding occurring on a site from sea and rivers. 
Inappropriate development in areas at risk of flooding should be avoided by directing development away from areas at highest risk (whether existing or future). 

Flood zone 1 - land with a low probability of flooding from rivers or the sea
Flood zone 2 – land with a medium probability of flooding
Flood zones 3a & 3b – land with a high probability of flooding

Surface water flooding from rainfall events at differing intensities and frequencies is also a flood risk consideration. 
Where appropriate, applications should be supported by a site-specific flood risk assessment. These areas are:

  • Flood zone 1 – where the site is 1 hectare or greater in size
  • Flood zone 2
  • Flood zone 3a & 3b
  • Land identified in a strategic flood risk assessment as being at increased flood risk in future
  • Land that may be subject to other sources of flooding, where its development would introduce a more vulnerable use

Data source for this information:
Gateshead Council Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA)
Environment Agency
National Planning Policy Framework / National Planning Practice Guidance

How often is this data source updated?
Every time the Local Plan SFRA is updated.
NPPF and Environment Agency data are updated periodically.

Soil and groundwater contamination ground risk band V

This site has been rated as risk band V for soil and groundwater contamination.
Risk bands range from I to V, the higher the band the greater potential risk (read more about ground risk bands).

This rating is based on the following potential risks listed below:


Intensive industrial past use of the site.

Boreholes recorded on this site

Historic boreholes drilled at a site may act as a preferential pathway for rapid transport of contamination to groundwater.

Groundwater vulnerability medium

Based on the hydrology, geology and soil properties within a single square kilometre around the site, the vulnerability of groundwater to pollutants discharged at ground level is considered likely to be medium.

This area is not subject to tree preservation orders

Geotechnical ground risk band II

This site has been rated as risk band II for geotechnical hazards.
Risk bands range from I to V, the higher the band the greater potential risk (read more about risk bands).

This rating is based on the following potential risks listed below:

Ground gas

Past landfill sites, coal mining and chemical wastes that present a ground gas hazard may be present.

Compressible ground

Some types of ground can contain layers of very soft materials like clay or peat. These may compress if loaded by overlying structures, or if the groundwater level changes, potentially resulting in depression of the ground and disturbance of foundations.

This is not a conservation area

This area has no listed buildings

This site overlaps a wildlife corridor

Wildlife Corridors

Wildlife Corridors are a continuous network of sites which allows the movement of species though the landscape, including the urban area. They connect areas of habitat including designated sites and are critical for the continuation of viable populations. They are protected by council planning policy to control development which would adversely affect their functioning.  

This is not an air quality management area

British Geological Survey factsheets relevant to this site

This website is intended to give an initial summary of potential risks on a site and cannot guarantee that the information is accurate, complete or up-to-date.

The information on the site is not a replacement for standard good practice risk-based assessment and investigation of sites or consultation with professional advisers, and does not provide the detailed information which would be required to accompany a planning application.

All liability or responsibility of the Council for any loss, damage or inconvenience caused as a result of reliance on the information on the site is expressly excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.