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Arrange a Special Collection

Plenty of items you no longer need can be used by someone else - at no cost to yourself, please consider these schemes where it is appropriate to do so.

If you have household items that are too big for your bin we can collect them for you. We collect a range of items from large to small for which there is a charge.

We can help out with property clearances or the removal of extra large items. However, we will need to visit your property to assess your collection needs. If you are unable to move your items to the boundary of your property, you will need to sign and return a disclaimer prior to the collection. This disclaimer aims to prevent damage to your property and also ensures that the health and safety of our employees is maintained. Please call us on 0191 433 7000 to arrange a site visit for an area clearance or the sending of a disclaimer for the collection of items from within your property.

Need to cancel or rearrange a collection? Call us on 0191 433 7000

Only items listed within a request will be collected. Waste left over from contract works will not be collected.

The week day of your collection is determined by your address. To quickly check which day your collection is please click here, you will only get a definite collection date once you have made payment for a special collection.

Items are categorised based on size, weight and material and the total price will depend on the volume and type of items to be collected.

  • £2 per small sized item
  • £8 per medium sized item
  • £42 per large sized item

All collections are subject to a minimum charge of £16.